Clean Stone and Brick Effectively

There are many methods to Clean Stone and Brick effectively, however, after much trial and error, product search and product failure, I think I have found a solution to cleaning all my stained and dirty stone and brick.

The product that I found to be most effective is called the Bring It On Cleaner. This products effectiveness derives from the oxygen bleach that has been added to the ingredients. The oxygen bleach helps pull stains from your stone and brick fountains, statues, walkways, columns and anywhere else you have stained and dirty stone and brick. The Bring It On Cleaner is a paste that once applied to the surface will also help to cut through sap, bird dropping, algae, and even mineral buildup.

How To Clean Stone and Brick Effectively:

The easiest and most effective way to clean stone and brick is to use the Bring It On Cleaner and these amazing new Bring It On Drill Brushes. These brushes are reusable and washable which in nice when your moving from surface to surface. I start by draining the water from my fountain leaving just small puddles to mix with the Bring It On. If I'm doing dry stone I like to wet the surface with a hose before applying the product.

Next take the Cleaner and work in sections. Put the cleaner on and move it around with the drill brush(this will keep the product from flipping around). Start the drill and apply pressure, if you feel you need to add more product then do that. Use this method over the entire stone and brick surface. The Bring It On Drill Brushes are a great way to clean without having to do all the hand scrubbing.

Watch these cleaning videos for more instruction on how to clean brick and stone effectively.