How to Clean Pool Tile

One big problem that you run into with hard water and a tile swimming pool, is how to clean pool tile. The minerals in the water buildup over time right around the water line and become attached to the tile. Because they are hard minerals like calcium and lime, they almost become a stone themselves. You can try to drain your pool and have it sand blasted, however that is a large process.

If you have an area around the water line with this mineral buildup and you cannot seem to remove it, well I have the solution. If you are looking to remove those minerals and actually clean the pool tile use the Pool Block . This pool tile cleaner is recommended and used by professional pool cleaning services for spas, shower tile, and pool tile. It even works on stone and concrete statues and fountains.

How to Clean Pool Tile

First take the Pool Block and dip it into the water. Find the areas that need the tile cleaned and start to scrub. Go gently at first, so you can see how bad the minerals are, then scrub with the necessary force. The Pool Block will begin to form to the flat or curved surface. Remember, the pool block will begin to ware away, but don’t worry the pumice stone will not affect the PH of the pool and is not harmful to the skin.

Removes lime, rust, stains and algae deposits from ceramic tile, molded and pneumatic formed concrete surface pools and spas. No need to drain pool. Chemically neutral. Won’t upset pH balance. Works through abrasive action. Ready to use. No gloves or applicators needed. Sizes for spot, surface and under water cleaning.

There is also a Pool Stick that will fit your standard telescope poles for hard to reach areas.