How to clean an oven Effectively

How to clean an oven quickly and effective.

One area of the house that is not part of your day to day, or even part of your month to month cleaning chores is your oven. Just about every homeowner, or renter has to tackle the oven at some point and it usually turn into a headache. Whether it is when you notice a burning smell when you are trying to bake, or  when you are trying to recover your security deposit, at some point you are going to have to deal with the best way to clean your oven.Usually by the time this happens, your oven is so caked with drippings that you can barely see the actual oven. Here is a short step by step method of how to clean an oven that involves the Bring It On Cleaner and the Bring It On Drill Brushes.

How to Clean an Oven using Bring It On Cleaner

First start by removing all the racks.

Next, Take a wet rag and wipe out as much of the burn material as possible. Grab a paint scraper, or these awesome scrapers that are made from compressed glass and do not scratch, called The Skrapr.

Wipe out all the scraped material and grab for the Bring It On Drill Pads. These Pads really help to cut down on the amount of scrubbing involved on the oven pan and the interior door which usually is glass. Take the Bring It On Cleaner and squirt the product on the oven pan along with the door. Take your drill and wipe the product all around before you engage the drill,(this will cut down on the amount of product being thrown around).

Engage the Drill and start removing all those burnt drippings from the oven door and the interior of the oven. Half way through the process, wipe out the oven to see the progress and repeat the process until the oven comes clean.

If your Drill Pad becomes saturated in product and burnt oven discharge, take it to the sink and run it under water to clean the pad the same way you would with a kitchen sponge. Reattach the pad and keep scrubbing until you are satisfied with the results.


Can I use a scrubbing brush to clean my oven? 

 A scrubbing brush can help remove stubborn grime and baked-on food particles. 

What safety measures should I consider when cleaning my oven?

Always ensure the oven is turned off and cool. If using chemical cleaners, wear gloves and ensure good ventilation.

Is it safe to use heavy-duty chemical cleaners in my oven?

While effective, heavy-duty cleaners should be used with caution due to their strong chemical content. Always use gloves and ventilate your kitchen.