Sun Damage on Outdoor Furniture

What is this sun damage on my outdoor furniture!

I was looking at my outdoor furniture and noticing how discolored many of my plastic chairs and other furniture were getting over the years.

Use Inside and Out

I realized that this was calcium buildup and sun damage. Some of the calcium from where my sprinklers were hitting and the sun damage from being in the sun for many years. What I realized is that this is the same issue I was having with my shower door and tile. All this buildup was coming from the heavy concentration of minerals in my well water. What is great is that I found a product that could deal with both of these issues inside and out. If you are looking for the most effective water stain and mineral remover on the market,  try the Bring It On Cleaner.

The Bring It On Cleaner contains an Oxygen Bleach. This helps removes all your oxidation from your hard surfaces. Any type of rust or mineral buildup is easily removed with this product.

Clean Outdoor Furniture

Sun Damage  on Outdoor Furniture:

What I did was take the Bring It On Cleaner with a terry cloth towel, went over the damaged areas and then hosed them off.

Wow what a difference. Most if not all of the white film was gone and much of the sun damage was removed!! If furniture is wood, I have found a great product for this problem as well that will protect from summer damage as well as from winter damage. Follow this link to see this product.

For a faster and more effective clean on you outdoor furniture and many other areas around the house try our new Bring It On Drill Brushes that attach to any household drill and does the scrubbing for you. Here is a link to our amazing Drill Brushes