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Porcelain Tile Cleaner

Porcelain Tile Cleaner

It is quite essential to clean and maintain your porcelain tile cleaner using the right products. Not doing so results in loss of the shine. Bring It On Cleaner is one of the most trusted porcelain tile cleaner products that ensure your tile remains in top shape.

The power of Oxygen Bleach and Hydrogen Peroxide sets this porcelain tile cleaner apart. This patented formula deodorizes and disinfects your tiles and grout.

This formula works by dissolving the molecular bonds. It is due to these bonds that the tough stains don’t remove easily from the surface. The jewellery-grade light abrasive in our product removes tough stains. During this process, the underlying surface remains unharmed. The odor-causing bacteria are killed by oxygen-bleach disinfectant.

Unlike any random porcelain tile cleaner, our product won’t harm your hands or lungs. While preparing the products, we add only harmless chemicals. Your skin remains and lungs remain completely safe.

Another feature that sets it apart is its minty-fresh fragrance. A commonly available product in the market leaves a weird smell that makes it difficult for the family to stay in the home after cleaning. There is no such issue with our tile cleaner. In fact, you will love its pleasant smell that resembles room freshener.

Why choosing the right porcelain tile cleaner is important

Apart from harmful effects to the human body, a wrong cleaner can be harmful to your tiles, too. Wrong cleaning methods and cleansers lead to a hazy build up on the tile. It can also break down the grout sealer. You don’t face such issues with the cleaner from our brand.

Due to the amazing results it offers, 99 percent of our customers were totally satisfied. In case you aren’t happy with the results, contact us, and we will give your money back.

This porcelain tile cleaner product was featured in the February 2009 issue of the Family Handyman magazine. Several window cleaning companies and contractors also trust this product due to its professional-grade quality. Apart from homes, nursing homes, hotels, supermarkets, and hospitals deploy it for cleaning purpose.

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Bring It On Cleaner also removes soap scum, mold and mildew, rust, salt spray and grease. It really works, it's amazing!!