Lime Scale and Soap Scum Remover

Soap scum remover

Have you ever tried to make a pot of tea but noticed this thick, white chalky substance inside your pot? How about those nasty white film on your bathroom? Ever wondered what they are? They are called limescale and soap scum.

What is a limescale?

A limescale is the chalky, off-white substance that develops in your kettles and pots after a long time of use. Scientifically speaking, it is a deposit of calcium carbonate and other residue left over by hard water. The deposits form when hard water evaporated. 

What is a soap scum?

Soap scum is a white or gray filmy layer that can be found in your bathroom fixtures, sinks, shower curtains and more. They are formed when soap combines with hard water.

Many people have limescale and soap scum problems in their homes. Beyond being harder to clean, these menaces wreaks havoc on how efficiently your fixtures can operate.

How to prevent limescale build-up?

Wash your kettles, pots, and pans regularly even if you are only boiling water! This is a common mistake people make. They don't see the need to wash pots and pans because they only boil water on it. Remember, the evaporating water actually left behind minerals that will start limescale build-up.

How to prevent soap scum build-up?

  1. Clean, clean, clean! Maintain your bathroom clean. Have a regular schedule of deep cleaning and scrub all corners of your bathroom. This make sure that nothing nasty actually starts.
  2. Apply a gel gloss or appropriate wax to surfaces after cleaning it as it prevents soap scum to form in the first place. Check out this great product (Pro-Tect Shield Water Repellant) to provide a protective layer to your bathroom surfaces.
  3. If possible, switch out your bar soap for a liquid or gel body soap. This does not cause soap scum build up!

How do you remove limescale and soap scum build up?

Maybe you ignored above tips, and now you have those nasty limescale and soap scum build up. How do you remove them?

Use this popular, proven effective limescale and soap scum remover: Bring It On Cleaner Hard Water Spot Remover .

Not only can it leaves your kettles, pots and pans looking fabulous, but it can save you a lot of time and money in the process. Isn’t that what it’s all about? The next time you notice the white film building up on your items reach for something that works.

Before you know it, your kitchenware is going to look absolutely stunning. You won’t even know there was an issue with lime scale by the time you get done using this product.

Soap scum remover

Don’t trust just anything to eliminate lime scale. Trust in one of the proven lime remover products found here. 


This product contains an oxygen bleach that helps cut through hard minerals such as lime and calcium. This product is recommended to be used with these amazing Drill Brushes that helps cut down the amount of scrubbing needed to remove hard water buildup.