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shower door cleaner Multi Use Product Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning Kit Small Set

Bundle three products for all you Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning and save money! This bundle combines one 16 oz bottle of Bring It On Cleaner to remove hard water and mineral spots from glass and tile. One 16 oz bottle of Pro-Tect Shield Sealant to prevent spots from coming back. Along with our amazing new Ultimate Hard Surface Cleaner for all you hard surfaces.

Bring It On Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning Kit:

Bring It On Cleaner has a formula like no other, we have added the power of an Oxygen Bleach. Hydrogen Peroxide, this helps to disinfect, deodorizes, helps to remove mold and mildew. Remove years of unwanted stains on fiberglass, shower pans, shower doors, tile and grout, glass, remove coffee and tea stains, but gentle enough for cleaning windows, windshields, even granite counter tops! Bring It On Cleaner is the best hard water stain remover on the market. Use it as an auto glass cleaner, fire glass cleaner, glass stove top cleaner, lime and calcium remover.

The Protect Shield Water Repellent will be applied to your tile and glass once the surface has been cleaned of all mineral buildup soap scum. Spray the surface and wipe clean with a terry cloth towel. This will protect your surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen for up to 2 months.

Use the Ultimate Hard Surface cleaner to clean an polish all your hard surfaces around the house. This will product will replace about a dozen household cleaners. Stainless steel cleaners, granite counter top cleaners, glass and window cleaners. It can even replace some of you most delicate polishes and cleaners, such as TV and jewelry cleaners.

For a faster and more effective clean try our new Bring It On Drill Brushes that attach to any household drill and does the scrubbing for you. Here is a link to our amazing Drill Brushes.

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This set is 16 OZ of Bring It On Cleaner and 16 oz of Protect Shield Sealant, and 32 oz Of our amazing Ultimate Hard Surface Cleaner and Polish.