Water Repellant
Water Repellant water repellent Pro-Tect Shield Water Repellant 16 oz. water repellent
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Isn't it amazing how quickly those nasty water spots return after we clean them? Well now we have a way to protect the surface with a new water repellent!

Check out these photos from our sister website of Pro-Tect Shield at work:
Amazing molecular formula prevents water from spotting on shower doors, tile, windows and more. Use this amazing water repellent to protect your shower door and windows from water spots and stains. This water repellent spray will allow the water to sheet off your vertical surfaces. Use the spray water repellent on tile and grout.
Finally! A solution to those frustrating stubborn hard water spots, stains, rust, soap scum and mineral deposits. Thousands of people are enjoying sparkling clear glass windows and tile surfaces that were once hopelessly filthy. They were amazed at how easy it was to remove weeks... months... even YEARS of built-up minerals and spots.

Active Water Repellent

Spray on, dry completely with a clean terry cloth towel, then buff.

Note: Make sure surface is clean before applying Pro-Tect Shield water repellent. Use Bring It On Cleaner Spot Remover first for best results.

Replenish every 6-8 weeks and you’ll never need to scrub stubborn water spots again.

For a faster and more effective clean try our new Bring It On Drill Brushes that attach to any household drill and does the scrubbing for you. Here is a link to our amazing Drill Brushes

For instruction and demonstrations visit our product videos page.
This is a 16oz Bottle of the Protect Shield