Best methods to protect your tiles from hard water stains

Hard water stains on the tiles are usually caused by minerals like calcium and lime. These minerals lead to spots and streaks after the water gets dried. Due to regular mineral layer buildup, the spots get darkened. No doubt you can use a good tile and grout cleaner for this purpose, but there’s always a better to apply preventive measures.

Through this blog post, we discuss the best methods for protecting your ceramic tiles.

Use a squeegee

After each use, wipe down shower walls and tub using a squeegee. A towel is also a good option for wiping the moisture.

Soft towel for water spills

In case you notice water spills, wipe up immediately using a soft towel. In case water dries, it can result in hard water marks.

Protect with mats or rugs

The area like tubs and sinks where water splashing occurs can be protected using mats or rugs. Tracked in water won’t dry on the floor if you place rugs at entryways.

Use ceramic tile cleaner to mop the floor

A good tile and grout cleaner should be used regularly for mopping up of ceramic tiles. Make sure the tile has been dried with a towel this process.

All of these methods will increase the life of your ceramic tiles. If you are seeking a good cleaner to remove water stains from tile, get Bring It On Cleaner. It is convenient, safe, and highly effective. Order it today from here: