5 Professional Tips on Deep Cleaning your Home

The keys to deep cleaning your home.

Do you ever wonder why cleaning professionals are so fast and efficient at cleaning. How one person can clean your entire house spotless in under 3 hours. This is because over the years they have developed methods that help save time and money. These methods are no hidden secret, they are just sometimes over looked due to our habits and routines. We get stuck in patterns when it comes to cleaning and we refuse to try anything new. Thinking that our method of cleaning and the products we use are the only way to clean.

That couldn't be further from the truth. New products and applicators are being developed all the time, sometimes we just need to give them a shot. Here are 5 professional tips on deep cleaning you home.

Tips on deep cleaning your home:

  1. Know what your cleaning- How can you know what products to use if you do not know what you are trying to remove. Is it lime scale, mold, hard water, rust, mineral stains, or just dirt and grime. So know what it is that you are cleaning, this can save you money in wasted cleaning products.
  2. Choose the right products- Cleaning companies want you to believe that there needs to be a specific product for every cleaning job around the house. In reality there are products out there that can do a majority of your home cleaning without having to buy 10 different products.
  3. Choose the right applicator- Lets face it some cleaning jobs out there are just easier if you use the right applicator. Whether your trying to remove mineral buildup in your toilet, water spots on your windows and shower doors, or clean stained grout lines, using the right applicator along with the right product will make the job much more simple.
  4. Work in Sections- I have seen cleaning professional work this way. They work from the top down and take it a section at a time. They do not try and clean the whole shower at once. They do one wall at a time and clean it thoroughly before moving on to the next wall.
  5. Do not try to clean everything- When you try to clean every area of your house in one sitting, you end up with a half ass cleaning job of everything. One day pick the Kitchen and Bathroom, really focus on deep cleaning. These areas will stay clean longer and make it easier to clean next time.

So nest time you want to do some deep cleaning in your home follow these simple steps.