Remove Water Spots on Faucets

Remove water spots on faucets and fixtures!
It seems like water spots are not just limited to my glass shower doors and windows. The question is how do I remove hard water spots from faucets and fixtures?

Do I need to buy a separate product other then the one I use for my shower doors and windows.

The answer is simply no.

With the Bring It On Cleaners unique formula you can transfer from glass to metal and even stone surfaces. The formula contains a jewelers grade abrasive which is gentle enough to avoid scratching, however provides you with just enough grit to assist in the removal of those stubborn water spots.

Remove Water Spots on Faucets:

When I clean my faucets and fixtures I prefer to use a softer applicator such as a terry cloth towel rather then a scrub pad which I would use on my shower door. Most faucets and fixtures will not scratch, however there are some softer metals out there that may scratch.

I like to give the faucets and fixtures a good scrub with the Bring It On Cleaner and a little bit of water, not so much water that the product runs , however enough to spread the product around. After scrubbing, let the product sit for about 10 minutes, then I come back with a dry towel and wipe it clean to make sure I removed all the water stains. If not I repeat the process.

Another way to remove hard water, mineral buildup, and water spots are these amazing Drill Brushes, by Bring It On Cleaner. They work fast and effective and have multiple uses around the house. Also check out this video of the Bring It On Drill Brushes in action. They clean tile and grout, sinks, tubs, counter tops, baseboard, couches, pots and pans, just to name a few. Watch this Video

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