How to clean windows from outside?

Cleaning the windows from the outside can be a bit challenging. Some individuals hire professionals for this job, but such a solution can be costly. If you want to do it independently, check out the tips we discussed below.

Use a mop

A regular mop is one of the most preferred tools for exterior window cleaning. Mix equal parts of vinegar to clean the window and water in a small bucket. Attach the mop head to the handle after dipping it into the solution. The next step is scrubbing the exteriors using the mop.

Magnetic window cleaners

These products are getting popular due to their ability to wash each side of a window at once. To wipe off the liquid cleaning product you are using, take the help of a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Avoid ammonia cleaners

Ammonia can be harmful to your hands and lungs. Several individuals advise you to use DIY solutions by mixing it. Even some products in the market have ammonia as a prime constituent. Save yourself and your family from its harmful effects by choosing a better alternative.

Don't use newspaper for drying the windows.

The harsh chemicals in the newspaper often damage the windows. You must also avoid the use of regular cloth. Your hard work will get wasted, leaving fibers throughout the place. Stick to only microfiber cloth for this purpose.

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Use a stable ladder for high windows.

This is more of a safety tip than a hack for efficient cleaning. The cleaning process can be quite risky if your ladder is not stable. To ensure the surface remains unscratched, use ladder pads.

Avoid scraping too hard

Scraping too hard often results in scratches on the windows. Apply even pressure and make sure your hand remains steady.

Window Cleaning in Various Weather Conditions

Another factor to consider while cleaning your exterior windows is the prevailing weather. Weather can affect the outcome of your window cleaning and even the cleaning process itself.

  1. On Sunny Days: Washing windows on a sunny day is always tempting. However, direct sunlight can dry out the cleaning solution faster, leaving streaks behind. If you're cleaning on a sunny day, start on the shady side of the house and work your way around.
  2. On Windy Days: Wind can blow dust and debris onto your freshly cleaned windows. If the winds are particularly strong, it might be a good idea to reschedule your window cleaning.
  3. On Cloudy Days: Overcast conditions can be perfect for window cleaning. Without direct sunlight, the cleaning solution takes longer to dry, allowing more time to wipe off and leaving a streak-free shine.

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Choosing the Right Time of Day

Early morning or late afternoon is the ideal time to clean windows. During these times, the sun isn't as strong, which prevents the premature drying of your cleaning solution.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Cleaning windows isn't just about appearance. Regular maintenance ensures longevity and prevents damage. Dust, grime, and hard water stains can weaken the window's structure. By maintaining a regular cleaning schedule, not only do you enjoy clearer views, but you also extend the life of your windows.

Bring It On Cleaner is quite effective for this purpose

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are magnetic window cleaners becoming popular? 

They allow users to clean both sides of a window simultaneously, offering convenience. 

Why should ammonia cleaners be avoided? 

Ammonia can be harmful to your hands and lungs, posing potential health risks.

Why is a stable ladder important in window cleaning?

For safety reasons, a stable ladder prevents potential accidents when cleaning high windows.