Dangers of Tile Floor Grout Cleaner with Ammonia

When shopping for tile floor grout cleaner, make sure it is free of Ammonia. The makers usually add this chemical in the product, as it is a mild disinfectant that kills some germs. The brands using it can claim that it offers streak-free results. No doubt it offers better cleaning, but there are numerous drawbacks linked to it.


1. Horrible Smell

A common, but not so dangerous, the disadvantage is that it leads to a horrible smell. You and your family won’t like sitting in your home immediately cleaning it. You have to clean your windows and other areas of home at least a day before your guests are arriving due to this reason.

2. Health Hazard

This product irritates your throat, lungs, eyes, and skin. It is dangerous for people asthma patients, as they are more sensitive to it. This chemical is also known to cause liver and kidney damage. It is one of the reasons behind the damage to the airways and mucus membrane.

3. Poisonous

In case it gets mixed with bleach, the result is a poisonous gas called chloramines.

So, are there any better alternatives? Try searching for products that don’t carry such chemicals. You can rely upon Bring It on Cleaner, a popular shower and tile cleaner. This toxic-free, economical product removes years-old stains from the tiles, glasses, showers, and even ovens. Check all the features of this product and order it online from here: The product can also be ordered via phone: 1-800-867-2643