3 Steps to Treat Weather Damage on Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture are always in their pristine state - in magazine photos. In real life, it's a totally different story.

The wooden benches, wicker chairs, and tables that we set up in our gardens may have come from inspirations of sun baths, outdoor reading, or sunset dinners. But over time, our precious furniture lose luster as they become subjected to elements beyond our control - the sun and the weather.

Unless they are made from high-quality materials that are both weather- and UV- resistant, furniture easily fade and cease to be picture-perfect.

Outdoor furniture problems

  • Sun damage
Hardwood furniture's continuous exposure to intense sunlight can dry up the finish and speed up the aging process of the wood. As a result, the wood turns brittle and its color fades. Certain shades or parasols may help block off or disperse the sunlight, but in many cases, they are not enough.
  • Rain or moisture damage
Meanwhile, exposure to rain and excessive moisture can cause wooden outdoor furniture to warp, crack, or rot.
Sprinklers can also leave water stains more clearly on glass tops of garden tables. Water stains are mineral deposits which the water picks up as it passes through rocks on the way to our water supply. When the water evaporates, these mineral deposits remain. They also commonly accumulate on glass shower doors, shower heads, and ceramic tiles.

How to treat weather-damaged furniture

Good thing restoring furniture has become easier. Now there are easy ways available to treat damages on outdoor furniture. We just need to find the fastest and most effective of them all.
  1. Clean the wood
    Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner is an excellent product that can revitalize aged, sun-damaged, or weather-beaten furniture such as wooden tables, benches, lounge sets, or wooden floors. What's great is that it leaves a fresh and wonderful orange scent instead of the harsh smell of synthetic chemicals that we have been accustomed to but hate.

    Use this at the first sign of wear on outdoor furniture, after a season of strong rain or after a harsh summer season.

  2. Protect the wood
    Once the wood is clear of dust and dirt, it's time to protect the wood with Howard Sun Shield Outdoor Furniture Wax. This product is specially developed to retain and restore the wood's lovely appearance and protect it from the harsh effects of UV rays, which are the prime cause of cracking, drying, oxidizing, and graying.

    Sun Shield effectively protects and enhances all types of wood including:
  • Teak
  • Cypress
  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Wicker
  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Rattan
  • Remove water stains
    Finally, the best way to eliminate hard water stains, especially on glass top tables or other surfaces, is by using Bring It On Cleaner. This product effectively removes all the mineral buildup or oxidation from the furniture's hard surfaces.

    Simply pour a small amount of the solution on a non-abrasive scratch pad or cleaning cloth and apply on the stained surface. Rub away and leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water and wipe off with a microfiber cloth.

Remember, lounging on outdoor sofas is a relaxing lifestyle we can enjoy in our garden or porches for many years. Maintain their great look and extend their durability through these 3 easy steps: clean the wood, protect the wood, and remove water stains as necessary.