How to Clean Shower Tile

What happens when you have a tile shower in your home is that you get mineral buildup and soap scum that attaches to it. After a while it becomes difficult to clean shower tile. Your grout lines become stained by hard water, dirt and grime, and shower products. You need a specific product that can cut through those minerals and remove the stains from grout lines. If you have dirty floor tile, grout, kitchen back splash, or wall tile grout that needs to be cleaned, oxygen bleach is what you want.

There are many reasons why oxygen bleach is the preferred cleaner. I'd like to think the reason is because it's not harsh like chlorine bleach, it has no odor, and it's non-toxic.

Clean Shower Tile, Back Splash, Floor Tile

Has the grout in your floor tile gotten progressively darker over time? I came across this fabulous product Bring It On Cleaner with Oxygen Bleach for cleaning Tile & Grout. Apply the product and let set for 15 minutes. Come back a take a scrub brush and start scrubbing, wash down with clean water and dry. If the grout is recessed below the surface of the tile. If the brush bristles are short, they may not touch the grout. You need contact to get the grout clean. Check out I came across these amazing brushes to help with my scrubbing.

Always use the Bring It On Cleaner for Cleaning Tile & Grout to the tile dry, if it is wet, it is difficult for the solution to soak into the grout to deep clean it. The great thing about The Bring It On Cleaner is that it is a multi use product. It works the same way in your sinks and tubs as it would on your tile shower. Sometimes under the soap dish you will get stains from where the water runs over the soap and down the tub. This cleaner will attack those stains and clean the tub and sink to its original color.