How to Clean Stained Grout Lines

One problem that you run into when you have light colored grout lines, is that over time your grout lines get stained and discolored. You ask yourself, how to clean stained grout lines. Whether it is from mildew, dirt, makeup, stains, you name it those grout lines get darker over time. These brushes and pads that I came across called the Bring It On Drill Pads and Brushes work amazing for actually getting into the grout lines and passed the tile.

The Bring It On Product contains an oxygen bleach that helps pull stains right out of your grout lines and actually clean at the same time. This whole kit is amazing for around the house cleaning applications. Just use your imagination and this kit will most likely help to clean it.

Having two showers that are completely encased in tile has created a headache for me over the years. This product actually works and takes all the scrubbing out of the equation. This is how you clean Tile and Grout.

How To Clean Stained Grout Lines:

Its called the Bring It On Drill Brush. These brushes are used with any house hold drill and some of the Bring In On product.
It is as easy a squirting the product on the tile, attaching the drill brushes to your drill. Smearing the product around before you engage the drill and letting the drill do the hard scrubbing for you.

I like to get the Drill Pads or Brushes a little wet, which helps to spread the product around a bit. You will get a little bit of splattering, but that is ok because you are usually in the shower or sink area.
If your grout lines are stained and discolored, this is the product you need to try.

Also there is a Corner brush that allows you to clean in all those hard to reach places, (around faucets, all your edges and corners). If you still clean all that mildew and soap scum by hand make sure you take a look at this video and see how much easier cleaning can be.
I was amazed how all the scrubbing could be taken out of the equation.
Check out this video