How to Save Time Cleaning

If you are one of those people who is always looking for a way to save time cleaning the house, you are not alone. Most people fall into patterns when it come to household cleaning. Whether it saves you time or slows you down, you stick to those patterns. Some people are so scatter-brained that they try to clean 5 different areas of the house at one time.

Dealing with professional cleaning companies on a weekly basis, I have learned that some people have more efficient cleaning methods than others.

Here's a great tip: If you are looking for some new techniques and tips on how to save time cleaning, hire a one time cleaning service. You can learn a ton of information just by watching and paying attention to these professionals. Remember, most of these people clean for a living and bid the job for a set price. The more jobs they get to, the more money they make. Here are a few tips that I have learned in dealing with these companies.

How to Save Time Cleaning

  1. Work in Sections- Take it a section at a time. Start in one room and clean from the top down. Don’t try to clean a little of each room at once.
  2. Find Products That Clean Multiple Surfaces- The problem with cleaning products is that companies want you to think that there is one product for every surface. In reality, some of the good products can clean multiple surfaces. Here are two. Ultimate Hard Surface Cleaner– Unlike Windex that will clean windows and mirrors, this product will clean all your hard surfaces. From granite to, stainless steel, mirrors, windows, TV screens, counter tops, you name it. Another product for deep cleaning most hard surfaces is called Bring It On Cleaner. This Product will clean minerals, rust, stains, mold, mildew, great product.
  3. Don’t be afraid to get dirty- Change into some old work clothes and be prepared to get some dirt, grime, product, and if your doing it right some sweat on you. So dig in.
  4. Set a time limit for cleaning- If you are a one man (or woman) army, you may not be able to deep clean the whole house in one afternoon. Do as much as you can in the allotted time and then call it quits. Make it a challenge, not a chore.
  5. Use the right tools for the right job- Don’t try to dust high ceilings with two brooms tapped together, use an Extension Duster. If your cleaning tile and grout don’t use a terry cloth towel with vinegar, invest in some Drill Brushes that are reusable and save a ton of time.
  6. And last but not least, HAVE FUN- Turn on your favorite motivating music, kick the kids out, send your pets to the shelter. Have a cocktail.