How to remove hard water stains

For years I have been dealing with the problem of how to remove hard water stains on my shower doors and outside windows. Every time I would take a shower or look out my windows, I was reminded of the fact that I needed to clean these tiny white stains. The last straw was when my son and his new wife came to vacation at our home in South Florida.

As we were sitting around the living room having coffee one beautiful June morning, my son tells me to “let some light in”, without thinking I start opening the shades. How embarrassing, I think what they expected to see was my beautiful landscaping and feel the ambiance of a magical Florida morning. Instead, what they witnessed were cloudy water stains on the windows that looked like they should be in a trailer.

This is where my miracle happened!

My son recommended a product that he thought would solve my problem. He said that he was experiencing some of the same issues at his residence in Chicago and he had located a product that actually worked.

This product was different then all of the others because it contained an Oxygen Bleach, something I had not tried.

After ordering this product and applying a little bit of elbow grease, my problem was solved.

How to Remove Hard Water Stains Effectively:

First apply the Bring It On Cleaner to the surface to be cleaned, next take a non abrasive sponge that has some texture (like a kitchen dish sponge), Use a circular motion and scrub the product on the surface using some elbow grease. Once you feel the surface is free of mineral buildup and hard water stains, take a wet rag and wash the surface clean.

Thank You Bring It On Cleaner for giving me a view that I can be proud of.
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