Remove Mineral buildup in the shower

Once I accepted the fact that I live in a region with hard water, I knew it was time to develop a process for removing mineral buildup in the shower.

In my experience there are two aspects to this process, Product and Application. If either of the two are not correct, good luck with your battle.

With product, I found that anything that comes in a spray nozzle is worthless for mineral buildup in the shower and is a waste of time, ( we are talking about mineral buildup in the shower, or on your hard surfaces, not soap scum). I found that any product that you have to mix, however effective it may be, is not worth the possibility of breathing in these tiny particles.

The product that I found to be most effective is called the Bring It On Cleaner. This product has the right amount of consistency, no harsh fumes, and takes off even the most difficult stains.

Removing Mineral Buildup In The Shower:

With application, I found that many of the surfaces that contained water stains needed more then just a once over. I realized that I needed to use a scrub pad that was not too abrasive, but something that would assist me in the scrubbing process. Also, I found that for large surface areas where minerals have been building for years, I needed a tool that would do the work for me. After researching , I found a product that would do the scrubbing for me. It is a scrub pad that connects to the end of a cordless drill.

For a look at a hard water map of the U.S. check out this blog

Watch this video for instruction on how much easier cleaning can be in you shower

This kit combined with the Bring It On Cleaner, I believe will remove any hard water buildup. See the pictures I have included for help with your own hard water problems.