Cleaning Toilet Ring Effectively

Cleaning toilet ring
Not the most exciting household duty, however one that can be the difference in your bathroom appearing clean and actually being clean.

The best method for cleaning that yellow toilet ring is not with a pumices stone, or vinegar. The most effective method for cleaning the toilet ring is with the Bring It On Cleaner.

This product is used by professional cleaning companies and janitorial services. The recommendations from them are as follows.

Cleaning Toilet Ring:

1. Turn off the water to the toilet and flush

2. Squirt the Bring It On Cleaner all on the inside of the toilet

3. Scrub the inside of the toilet aggressively (or use the Bring It On Cleaner Drill Pads and Brushes for a much faster and effective clean) and let the product sit for up to 30 min(this will allow the oxygen bleach to do its job).

4. Turn the water back on and flush the toilet

This method seems to work every time. The product contains oxygen bleach which helps to remove built up stains from the toilet bowl.
If your toilet ring is so crusted with minerals try these Pumie Sticks, that is how you remove that.

Another way to remove hard water, mineral buildup, and water spots are these amazing Drill Brushes, by Bring It On Cleaner. They work fast and effective and have multiple uses around the house. You can use them on shower doors, windows, tile and grout, counter tops, glass stove tops, pots and pans, you name it.  Also check out this video of the Bring It On Drill Brushes in action. They clean tile and grout, sinks, tubs, counter tops, baseboard, couches, pots and pans, just to name a few. Watch this Video

Cleaning Toilet Rings is much easier with the combination of these two products.