Remove Water Spots

Water spots on windows make it difficult for you to view anything going on outside. What you can see is often blurred and distorted, if you can see it at all. Have you ever seen that nasty white film that builds up on windows from water being allowed to settle without being wiped down? Your windows end up looking like a speckled war zone before long. If you want something that can help you with how to remove water spots off windows and shower doors, you need something more than just water and a dish towel. If your looking for the most effective water spot remover on the market, use the Bring It On Cleaner.

Remove Water Spots-

First use the Bring It On Cleaner.

How to remove water spots and hard water stains

Remove Water Stains

Some home remedies do actually work on small scale water spots, however if you have a major hard water problem, like a majority of the country has, you need a product that was specifically designed for this problem.
Next, use a dry kitchen scrub pad that will help with all the scrubbing.
Place some of the product on the pad and begin to work it onto the surface being treated.
I like to work in sections rather then try and tackle the entire surface at once.
I also use a circular motion, because I believe it removes the spots the quickest.
After I apply the product I recommend letting the product on sit on the surface for a while. Formulated with an oxygen bleach, Bring It On helps cut through these hard minerals.
Next, I come back with the shower nozzle or a wet cloth and wipe the surface clean.

If you are tired of doing all the scrubbing by hand, check out these amazing Bring It On Drill Brushes that easily remove water spots and mineral stains from hard surfaces. If you think of the power of a household drill and you combine that with a scrub pad, that is some amazing cleaning power.

Also check out this video to see the brushes in action.

This process is really easy, however without the right product, it can be much more difficult.