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Imagine your shower door or tile looking just like it did when it was brand new. No more water spots, soap scum, or build-up. Imagine it staying clean for months and months at a time. Doesn’t that feel great? Bring It On Cleaner is recommended by America’s most listened-to Home Improvement radio talk show host, Gary Sullivan. Gary recommends the Bring It On Cleaner when customers call in for solutions to their problem areas! He has tried it himself! Try the Bring It On Cleaner as recommended by the nationally recognized Handy Man Magazine , a trusted household name Bring It On Cleaner is a professional strength cleaner recommended by both glazing contractors and professional window cleaning companies. It is successfully used in hospitals, nursing homes, manufacturing plants, hotels, supermarkets and other public facilities with difficult to clean surfaces. Take advice from our janitorial contractors and try our new Bring It On Drill Brushes for a faster and effective clean Here is just a sampling of the hundreds of testimonies and Thank You’s that we regularly receive!

My car's plastic headlight lens have become so dull due to the effects of oxidation that they became translucent. I could no longer see the headlight bulbs or its reflectors. So, I went to my nearby auto parts store and purchased a Headlight Restoration Kit to repair the problem. After following the kit manufacturer's directions three times, I was not satisfied with the final results of my efforts. I made up my mind to accept the expense to replace both headlights. Weeks later, I got the idea to try that stuff I had on hand, Bring It On. It can't...

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Le Roy

I live in Las Vegas where the water is extremely hard. Bring-It-ON Cleaner removed YEARS worth of hard water deposits from my shower doors! It is the most amazing product I have ever used! Thanks Touch of Oranges!!

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Vicki, You have completely changed my life! Cleaning my glass shower is not a huge drag anymore! I used to scrub and scrub only to be left with water spots. I was so desperate that I even took a razor to the glass and ruined one of my brand new doors by leaving scratches all over it. I only regret not finding you sooner. You are and your products are FABULOUS!

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The stain remover works better than anything else I have tried to remove the hard water spots from my shower doors. Plus it doesn't seem to take the sealant off the stone in the shower like the vinegar did.

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Jamie M

The initial order was acknowledged immediately and delivery cost confirmed. The product arrived within a few days thereafter, considerably better than some overseas companies I have had deliveries from. The product itself surprisingly performed exactly as claimed, a very nice surprise. I will be placing more orders for this product in the near future.

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Kath J. Toowoomba

The product works wonders on my shower doors! I was amazed at the quick delivery from the time of order!

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The product was excellent and worked as promised on hard water stains. My windows are so beautiful!

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Terry B.

I saw your product mentioned in the Las Vegas Review in one of their home and garden sections. I used your Bring-It-ON for my family room window which was encrusted with scale from our sprinkler system. I hoped it would work because I had tried all the traditional remedies without success. Frankly, I did not expect the product to work real well but would have been happy if it just helped. In fact, it cleaned just as you said it would. It wasn't even hard work. Too bad all products you purchase don't work as well as this one. I...

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Wow! What a product! I am only sorry I didn't take a picture of my 50 year old windows before I used the Bring-It-ON cleaner. Truly amazing and I really enjoy the windows again. (They are living a second life framed outside in the south end of our patio during the winter months) Thanks for a great product!

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This product actually works! I was in the process of replacing the tile in my guest bathroom, I tried the Bring-It-ON Cleaner, after hearing Gary Sullivan talk show host recommend it on a radio station in our town. I ordered it, used it and love the results.

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There is nothing better for cleaning shower doors than Bring-It-ON

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Gary Sullivan

We have used Bring-It-ON for cleaning shower doors that had 30 years of mineral build-up. Yes, we worked on it! But it cleaned them spotless! This product really works!

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Thank you for a great product. We have 80 clear shower doors at our resort and nothing cleans them like your Bring-It-ON cleaner. We have never found anything to clean the dozens of hotel room bathrooms at our Resort daily. This product cleans our 80 glass shower doors, sinks and faucets spotless. This product actually works! We now order by the cases."

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Carneros Inn - 5 star resort

I bought the product at the Reno Home Show. I was amazed that it really worked on our hard water spots on all our clear glass shower doors. I am now using it on our exterior windows that have gotten sprinkler overspray on them. I am finding that it also removes a light film of paint overspray off our windows. It’s a great product!

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All I can say about this product is WOW! My windows in the basement looked really bad and we were thinking about replacing them since we finished the basement. I found your product and thought we would give it a try. My windows look brand new! I am a customer for life!

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Bill R.

I can't believe how well it works. I searched the web for cleaning hard water stains and tried at least 10 different recipes or products and nothing worked. Your product worked the first time on my sunroom windows and I didn't have to repeat.

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I'm looking forward to trying this before replacing our 29-year old shower doors. Our hard water in west central Florida is murder on EVERYTHING! I'll let you know the results". Follow up email with results. “We followed the directions included for using the product and we are very pleased with the results.

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I looked up your product after I used a sample left by the builder. It worked great!

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Wow, it really works! I’m chemically sensitive and I was able to tolerate this product. Years of mineral deposit on my shower door magically disappeared. I will definitely buy more and try your other products!

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Elizabeth H.

Just love the cleaner for the shower and the spray shine to put on after. My showers & glass doors have never looked so good and it lasts for a long time!

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Gayle A.

I have been searching for a cleaner to remove hard water spots and mineral deposits. I have a clear glass shower and have tried everything from calcium and lime removers to Brillo pads! I have spent upwards of two hours trying to get my shower clean [which for me means looking like new]. It only took me 45 minutes to clean my shower last night. I can't wait to fully use the protectant, it worked very well on the one pane I put it on.

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Danielle B.

Bring-It-ON really does remove the hazy white film from the tiles in my shower enclosure. This is the first time I've seen them shine in years. Thank You.

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Gerald G.

I originally saw this product in a newspaper ad. This is our second order as this stuff actually works.

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Patricia Homer

Bring It On Cleaner also removes soap scum, mold and mildew, rust, salt spray and grease. It really works, it's amazing!!

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