How to Clean Outdoor Furniture

At the start of every spring and summer most people head outside to clean there outdoor furniture and outdoor decor. After a long season of rain, snow, and everything that falls from the trees, it is time for a little outdoor spring cleaning. One great way to clean outdoor furniture is to use the Bring It On Drill Brushes and the Bring It On Cleaner.

What is great about this cleaning product and its application is that the Bring It On Cleaner contains an oxygen bleach which will help pull stains off patio tables, patio furniture, stone and brick pots and fountains, even off your furniture cushions. And the Drill Brushes will do most of the work for you, (My 6 year old boy actually does some of the cleaning for me). Here is a short outdoor cleaning video that uses the Bring It On Cleaner and the Bring It On Drill Brushes.

This Process is simple and the Product is great because you can use it for many different purposes, mineral buildup, water spots, stains, dirt and grime, mildew and soap scum, the Bring It On Cleaner really is one of those products that can just about do it all.

Clean Outdoor Furniture:

Take the Bring It On Cleaner and apply the product to the surface to be cleaned, have a pail of water on hand to dip the Drill Brushes in and then smear the product around a little, (this avoids the product from flipping around), start the drill on a slow speed at first and then increase the speed. Repeat this application process for all your cleaning needs.

Another great feature of the Drill Brushes is that they are reusable and machine washable.

So next time you go to spruce up your outdoor areas grab for the Bring It On Cleaner and the Drill Brushes to make cleaning much easier and more enjoyable..